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Leggings, also known as underpants. Leggings are trousers designed for short skirts and miniskirts to prevent running out and self-cultivation. They are divided into many types due to different lengths and materials, and can be matched with formal clothes.
Because of the anti-glare and self-cultivation, not only the position of wearing is the bottom line, but also the bottom line in the heart. Leggings generally match up with baby shirts, long suspenders, T-shirts and short dresses with a slightly longer upper body. This type of pants is mainly suitable for female consumers, so it is more popular with women.
The predecessor of leggings is fitness pants. But because the trend always goes round and round, and then fades out of people's sight, but in 2012 people designed a new pants-leggings on the basis of fitness pants.
Origin of the name
Because the leggings are anti-empty and self-cultivating, not only the status of wearing them is the bottom line, but also the women's hearts are more confident.