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The leggings are available in breeches, shorts, three-point, five-point, seven-point, nine-point length, etc.; the materials used are more diverse, full lace, hollow, tulle, knit, velvet, etc.; colors are also available Choose whatever you want, but most MMs like to use black to match their clothes.
Golden velvet
The gold velvet leggings are new and thin in 2012. They have the advantages of luminous and beautiful. They are liked by many women. They are suitable for a wide range of people. They can be worn at any age. By the spring of 2013, similar materials such as Korean velvet, velveteen, etc.
Cropped trousers
If you wear nine-point leggings, in order to avoid the leg lines appear stubby, you should try to choose high-heeled sandals.
Cropped trousers
Seven-point leggings can create a sexy atmosphere with strappy sandals. Shorts
The five-point leggings are more versatile, and the upper skirt or T-shirt can be matched.
Patch leggings
The high-quality thick fabric is used, and a layer of lovely decoration is added to the original leggings, which adds a lovely and lively temperament to the original plain leggings, which is more in line with the trend of today's society.
Three-quarter pants
Three-point pants have functions such as anti-glare.