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In our daily life, bath towels and toothbrushes are often changed, but do you often change your underwear? Already used for a month? Three months? Six months? Still a year? It is understood that many girls will not change their underwear until they are deformed or rotten. After reading the underwear anatomy process below, I believe you will be shocked...
Underwear that has not been changed for a long time may be filled with various things you did not expect, such as laundry detergent, dirt, etc. The breathing position of our chest is mainly the nipples.....how much harm is this kind of underwear, just think about it!
Experts remind: Girls should re-measure their body every 3 months to buy new and suitable bras according to their body shape changes. Even if it is well cared for, the average life span of a bra should not exceed 10 months.
Secondly, wash and change underwear frequently. Because underwear is worn for one day, there may be about 0.1 grams of excrement left on it, which is equivalent to about 100 million E. coli.
Sponge underwear will make women's breasts look more beautiful, but its harm cannot be ignored.
Wearing sponge underwear for a long time will compress the breasts and affect blood circulation. Over time, it will cause various lesions in the breast tissue and increase the incidence of breast diseases. Data shows that the probability of Asians suffering from breast hyperplasia is as high as 75%.
So you have to wear underwear that suits you. If the following 4 major signs appear, you must change your underwear!
4 big signals prompt to change the bra!
(1) There is an indentation on the chest.
(2) The breast cup often moves up.
(3) The shoulder strap often slips down.
(4) If there is a strangle mark on the back, replace it.